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Couples Counselling





The relationship between partners is a sacred and struggle-some endeavour.  As the early years of honeymoon fade, or the later years of a longer term relationship sit squarely in a place of uncertainty, disconnection or stagnancy, we wonder how to spark and re-ignite our fires. 

Intimate moments are built on a variety of different experiences. We all change over time, find new

interests and move in different directions as we learn and grow.

When your inside of something together sometimes you cannot see what is on the outside. 

Sometimes, having someone who can point out what's there or what's not there, can provide the way to clarity for both parties. As we can become blind to our own patterns of behaviour or thinking and/or refuse to acknowledge them due to the discomfort of ownership...we can lose sight of what could be here in the present time, with one another.

It continues to be a profound necessity for both parties to know themselves, be aware of themselves, and to be responsible for themselves. 

It immediately supports change when both parties can halt viewing their partner from a "you over there" separate perspective and begin viewing oneself as the focal point of change and growth.


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