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Piece Of Mind - A Radio Show


Over 2023 I started recording a local community radio show with friend and co-host Peter Kok (local therapist @ focusing on different modalities of therapy, interviewing local therapists and overall discovering what brings greater health and happiness. 

Below are the links to our recorded radio discussions with local therapists, friends and teachers.

Please try and find what inspires you, what heals you and what teaches you out in the world.

These radio shows are one way that I have found to practice present moments with others, ask questions of curiosity, and understand more about one of my favorite topics of life.

Please press buttons below to be linked to the 92.9 CFUZ Penticton BC radio archives of our 2023 (& soon to be 2024) radio shows.
The index pages of the recorded shows will be listed there. Remember the number of the show you are seeking to hear... scroll, click, play and voila!  Enjoy :)

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