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Inner Workings

A space of beauty, kindness & acceptance returns safety into your life, especially when you've been in the dark for awhile.....

Lights in the Dark


Beneath all our struggles and worries,

there is life changing wisdom.  

We often find ourselves wanting and seeking an objective witness (or a counselor) because there is a problem we've not been able to solve on our own or with those close to us. 


Getting "stuck" or simply not knowing which way to turn can have us feeling invalidated, shameful or plain old

weak in the world & in our own minds/bodies.

Making a choice to involve another in our personal process has been shunned in some aspects of our culture and yet it takes a truly powerful person to ask for help in areas where they feel the utmost vulnerable and uncertain.

It can be of benefit to work alongside someone whose life focus has been to discover why we do what we do and what practical steps we can take to soothe, heal and accept life as it is - without settling for less than we are. 


Most of all it takes presence,  awareness & patience to not resist the feelings that need to be felt.  As these emotions and experiences move through us, with support, we see the keys to the doors we've wanted to open.  


With the use of wise self guidance, support and honest witnessing  -  allowance is given to move oneself up - out of the sludge, and to have sight over our walls of confusion, grief, rage or disappointment. 

As we re-enter into relationship with ourselves, a once unknown potential - sows, grows, blossoms and lives through us.

Let's face the issues of:

  • Boundaries

  • Self Esteem

  • Addictions

  • Sexuality/Identity

  • Self-Expression

  • Abuse in Relationship

  • Couples Communication

  • Spiritual Confusion

  • Awareness

  • Assertiveness

  • Grief & Loss

  • Depression

  • Self Image

  • Family Dysfunction

  • Anxiety

Underwater Dive

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