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Services & Fees:

                   Service:                                                 Fee:

            Initial Consultation   20- 30 min.           Free

               50 min. Confidential Counselling Session              $130.00
               90min.  Confidential Counselling Session              $175.00
50 min. Confidential Low Income/Student Session            $105.00

               50 min. Confidential Couples Session                     $165.00
               90min.  Confidential Couples Session                     $190.00
50min. Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Session                $165.00

50 min. Understanding Plant Spirit Session                         $130.00
50 min. Confidential Parental Psychedelic Education        $140.00
50 min. Psychedelic Integration Session post-intake          $140.00
2 x 50min Psychedelic Integration Intake & 1st Session     $260.00


          Please Note -
           *Payments are accepted in Cash, E-transfer or via my websites online booking page. 

no-shows or cancellations made without 24 hours notice,                                                              50% of the session cost is charged.

       *My practice is here to serve all those that need support and counselling.  I recognize that              not everyone has the means to take the best care of themselves, in which case I offer my                services, with great respect, at what I find to be reasonable prices.  I do offer a reduced                   rate to low income clients and students. Please just ask.

As yet, many benefits plans are different and may not cover counselling services. Please                 take note to check with your insurance company even it is not listed to see if they cover               general counselling services if this is a concern.

           Registration Number :   Registered Therapeutic Counsellor #2650 with ACCT.

             Accepted Insurance Plans: 
          Clients will use the invoices emailed to them post payment of session to input into                         database or send to insurers or workplace benefit sites.  I do not use direct billing.

           -  Greenshield         -  Claim Secure        - Sunlife        
           -  Equitable Life of Canada       - Manulife     

            If any further questions remain, please feel free to send me a text or an email with your                  questions.       Thank you.


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