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My Professional Path  

I've been a natural form of a counsellor since I was young.

My own journey brought me through many teachings where it was a necessity for my focus to be upon human survival, self-empowerment, personal boundaries, patterns of social unrest/ inequality & spirituality through various lenses.

My style of working is multi-disciplinary. I don't just have the eyes of psychology and counselling. I have trained in the biological, anatomical, medicinal and spiritual perspectives which gives my vision of each client breadth. My background lends me skill in observation and reflection of the layers that intersect in a holistic human body and human life.  Each counselling journey that I help support someone through involves all my capacities, as needed. 

I started training as a therapist at the age of 18 and completed my training as a Behaviour Therapist / Analyst through a 3 year Advanced Level Behavioural Science program completed in 2004.  I am a professional member of ACCT and a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (recognized by FACTBC).  I have lived experience in the areas I specialize in. I am currently the Clinical Manager of the Counselling Team at Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Center in Oliver & Osoyoos, British Columbia. I am continuously updating my skills and seeking all that life has to teach me.

In addition I have backgrounds in many modalities of health care including :

- 1 Year Counselling Mentorship with Nikki Manzie -Professor/Yogi/Plant Spirit Med.

- 6 months Immersion PATH program at Kripalu Yoga & Health Centre

- Certification in General & Advanced Clinical Counselling Supervision

- Currently studying and training to be a Hakomi Practitioner. 

- 1 Year Transpersonal Psychology with Plant Medicines

- Certification in Applied Psychology and Counselling

- 100 hrs+ of Non-Violent Communication Training

- Certification in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

- Certification in Ayurvedic Marmatherapy

- Conscious/Ecstatic Dance Teacher

- Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher 

- Beyond Addictions Practitioner

- Buddhist Insight Meditator

- Trained Yoga Therapist 

Over time I've only become more involved with an inter-weaving of teachings.

With the goal of sharing ways of life that increase compassion for self and others, I've become someone who greatly values the concept of creating a non-violent culture.

 I honor the challenges I have had in my own life.  I feel that my struggles have brought my counselling  into a depth of authenticity & grounded my ability to be with others' pains & fears.

I create programs incorporating the practice of NVC, the cultivation of self-awareness, one's relationship to their own sense of spirituality, body-posture, breath-work & the integration of trauma and/or difficult emotional experiences.

 I enjoy sharing in expressive arts such as free flow forms of dance, wool felting, clothing design, drawing, personal ritual, & spending time in nature with my beloved dog Jeb R.W.

With heart, and respect for your personal journey,  

Rebekah Humphrey

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor # 2650

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