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Grief and Loss

There are times in everyone's life when being in silence gives space for us to heed the deep inner messages within. It is important.  It is useful.

Be it a crisis, a birthing, a renewal, or a fog.


Each person knows at some level when they have hit a wall in their own seeking. When it may be time to ask for support; a witness who can be with, encourage and hold a light up to some things that may be hard to see at first, the things that are so close to us.. we dare not look.

Grief, loss, despair  or even uncertainty about a person we feel we no longer know, as sometimes this person is us.

Stepping onto a new path, perhaps a path that has chosen you, more than one you have chosen.

There are burdens and fears in this world that no one needs to stand against alone.

Please reach out if you feel I may have what you need in  terms of understanding and support.

 - Life Transition Counselling

 - Death of a Beloved child or spouse

 - Death of a Beloved pet

 - Death of a Parent

 - Mid-Life Crisis  

 - Divorce or Separation

Please call, email or text 778-531-8800 with your full name and a time/date that would work best for a meeting with me.

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