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Psychedelic Integration

 There are many experiences in life which are seemingly...

--  a lot  -- to digest. 

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Sometimes we need supportive help to process, move through and feel safe about what we have seen, felt or want to understand about ourselves and the world around us. 

In working with people over the years who have had "shadow journeys," "bad trips" or "confusing after effects," it feels all too important to not offer guidance and reflection.






If you or someone you know needs some support in digesting, integrating or understanding about their experience with Psychedelic Substances please feel free to inquire and find out if I can be of any help to them. 


Psychedelic Safety Consultation/Harm Reduction: $140/50min 

Parental Education & Psy-Resource Upgrade: $140/50min

Psychedelic Integration Session: $175.00/ 80min

These services can be offered through phone, zoom or in person locally or remotely, dependent upon schedule.

Please reach out via text or shoot me an email and we can discuss what you might need in terms of support and how I can help you feel more at ease with your current process.


If you text me please include your first and last name as it is hard to keep people organized without their full details.

Blessed Be.

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