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Conscious Dance

An outer place to express what's inside.

Every time you move - life  is coursing through... speaking languages of love, curiosity, mood, chaos & balance...



Conscious dance is a free flow art form that uses intuitive and expressive movements to create & expand body, heart and mind awareness. 


Conscious Dance events are lightly guided by a facilitator who sets an intention with the attendees for the movement dance experience. 


  Do you fill your body with energy and movement... or does it fill you?

  Have you ever wondered about the story your body would tell you if you listened deeper?

 Did you know that all of the elements are expressed through and in your body?

Conscious dance is also known as “intentional dance." 

This is because the dancers enter the dance floor with a sense of intention...


Their specific intentions may include:

   * working out personal issues,

   * entering a state of meditation,  

   * expressing themselves authentically and creatively thorough their body, mind        and spirit.

   * a purely physical free flow work out that can be mixed with both stretch and          cardio.

   * a replacement of brain chemicals while in recovery from addictions.


The music determines the speed of dance, the rhythm of one's movements and the layers of depth that can be felt into.


Personal knowledge of one's feelings and needs may rise to the surface.  Emotional digestion could occur quietly and softly within the dance or through a series of repetitive moments, and repetitive thoughts.

Ecstatic dance is not-facilitated per se, and has dancers move without any direction except the flow of music and environment.

Conscious Dance, and Ecstatic Dance are similar in that they have similar guidelines such as; move as you wish, respect yourself and others in the space, do not talk on the dance floor (unless its encouraged for specific sessions).


Both events are danced in bare feet (optional), non-smoking, and scent, drug and alcohol-free. They are also similar in that there is a dj or pre-mixed music component that follows an arc of music.


- These dance classes/events can also grow into incorporating yoga dance and sometimes live music, if the right musicians appear in a community.

-Opening and closing circles happen to create/encourage group intention, connection and sharing.

Though, a conscious dancer is frequently in pursuit of a deeper awareness of one’s self and others on & off the dance floor -- It's Still Your Dance!

          Contact Rebekah for more information


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